Remote Base News

Tune Button on W0ZSW

The Tune button on the W0ZSW remote interface is now available to transmit privilege users.  It works through the Windows PC and Android apps, activating the LDG automatic antenna tuner to match the impedance of the 270 foot dipole fed with 450 ohm ladder line to the Icom IC-7200 transceiver.  When the tuning sequence is […]

W0ZSW back in service with new radio

Following a transmitter failure in the TS-480HX, W0ZSW was sidelined.  The station is now back on line with an Icom IC-7200, but we are waiting for a data cable to connect the radio to the LDG automatic antenna tuner.  We expect this to be available soon, but in the meantime it is necessary to provide […]


Station W0ZSW is offline due to a transmitter failure.  Although the Kenwood TS-480HX receiver still works, the transmitter section is not functional, putting out no RF at all.  The radio will probably be replaced with a different one, but for now the station remains offline.  Station W0EQO remains in operation.

W0ZSW returns to service

W0ZSW is back on line, but 160m is not tuning correctly and may not be available. Please send reports to

W0EQO audio back after outage

Audio from W0EQO was down for around 8 hours between 3 January and the early morning of 4 January 2017.  A reboot of the RCForb host software has resolved the issue.  Please report any outages to

W0ZSW offline for antenna check

The antenna at W0ZSW has stopped tuning properly.  There has been an ice storm followed by high winds in the Twin Cities, so we will have to check the antenna system for damage.  With subzero temperatures in the forecast, this work will be delayed.